Ray of Light 2018 Impact

In 2018, Ray of Light continued its work promoting education equalty, peace, women’s empowerment and social justice globally. Highlights include:

DETROIT: Supporting purchase & renovation of school building for new Detroit Prep Academy, a sister school to Detroit Achievement Academy. Detroit Prep Impact:

  • 140 students served

  • Most diverse student body in Detroit

  • Study body excelling academically (94th percentile for reading and 95th percentile for math)


Supporting health, literacy, legal services & leadership education which:

  • 133,824 patients treated in health clinics

  • 335 women taught in mobile literacy classes

  • 95,542 patients reached with health education


Helping to close $185M deficit following Trump Administration funding cuts to UNRWA programs for Palestinian refugees by funding 16 teachers’ salaries at a middle school and an elementary school in Gaza Strip

  • 2,625 refugee girls served

  • Students come from communities affected by increased violence recent months

Raising Malawi - December 2017 Updates

Since opening in July 2017, the talented team at the Mercy James Centre has:

  • Performed 223 surgeries in the new theaters

  • Admitted 41 patients to the ICU

  • Seen 420 patients in the outpatient clinic

  • Admitted 256 patients to the ward

In September, Raising Malawi welcomed Stella Janasi as a nurse in the Mercy James Centre. Stella was featured in the original I Am Because We Are (IABWA) documentary and received scholarship support from Raising Malawi for her academics, allowing her to complete university, earn her nursing degree and ultimately work at the Mercy James Center.

Detroit - December 2017 Updates

Empowerment Plan: In November, Empowerment Plan purchased its new Detroit building. Moving to the new building will double the number of staff EP can take on and train at one time. In November, it also launched its retail line of coats, Maxwell Detroit, which will help it employ more women and be sustainable. 

Downtown Boxing Gym: DBG is doing well – there are currently 130 kids enrolled in the program that are served by 25 coaches. 267 kids that have completed the program with a 98% graduate rate among these students. Coach Khali is a finalist, among ten people from across the world, for CNN Hero of the Year.

Detroit Achievement Academy: Ray of Light is providing funding for a new building for the organization’s second school in Detroit, Detroit Prep Academy. Detroit Prep is actively fundraising for its new building. http://www.detroitprep.org/

Shining Hope for Communities, Kenya - December 2017 Update

SHOFCO’s very first class of 8th grade girls will graduate this week – a major accomplishment for the school. Since it first opened, SHOFCO has served these kids, their families, and their communities.

In the first year of ROL’s support for SHOFCO’s gender-based violence program, ROL helped SHOFCO: 

  • Educate 20,000 individuals in Kibera about gender-based violence – through door to door education. This has resulted in a 12% increase in cases of violence reported.
  • Distribute more than 19,000 contraceptives. 
  • Educate more than 1,300 young people about reproductive health. 
  • Receive and assist with an average of 49 gender-based violence cases per month. SHOFCO helped these women through referrals to its the health clinic, mental health counseling, legal services, and economic empowerment training.

The Afganistan Institute of Learning - December 2017 Update

Ray of Light continues to support AIL programs (health clinic, leadership training, literacy course, Radio Meraj). Last month, AIL continued its health education classes for illiterate women from rural areas. The women learned about the dangers of using home remedies to treat illnesses and the importance of going to health facilities. In November, the AIL clinics treated 21,541 patients, provided health education to 12,000 people, and vaccinated nearly 6,000 kids. AIL also hosted youth speakers on its Radio Meraj.


As the first secondary school in the region, buildOn’s Bla school, that ROL supported, serves 18 villages giving the poorest kids access to education. buildOn is increasing the number of female students in the Bla school – with the long-term goal of having 50% female students. Currently only 20% of women in Mali are literate, so the Bla school is making a critical difference. 

The Afganistan Institute of Learning

AIL is currently running 7 adult literacy courses in Herat and 1 in Kabul, serving 286 women. The students receive lessons about health education, life skills, peace, love, humanity and mutual respect. The women are learning to write and read faster because they meet every day outside of class to continue practicing with each other. AIL’s health program has served 28,000 patients to date this year with health education and clinical outpatient visits. 


JP/HRO officially opened the L’Ecole de L’Espoir (School of Hope) in May 2016. The primary school continues to provide quality education for children of Delmas 32 and targets students that are most marginalized either because of poverty or learning disabilities. J/P HRO has also expanded its impact through its Delmas 32 Education Revitalization Initiative, a project to develop the curriculum in 25 other schools in the area, so that the best curriculum reaches the 6,000 students the schools serve.