Raising Malawi

We are in the final stretch of our project to build a new pediatric surgery and intensive care unit, the Mercy James Center for Pediatric Surgery and Intensive Care! The new facility will be the first of its kind in Malawi and will double the number of surgeries performed on children each year. We are looking forward to the official opening in July.

Emergency Response

Emergency Response – Flint: 
The city of Flint, Michigan – 60 miles outside of the state’s capital – suffered from toxic lead contamination within its water supply, resulting from an economic decision made two years ago that switched the city’s supply from Lake Huron to the Flint River. More than 9,000+ children have been exposed to lead from drinking the city’s water. Ray of Light supported the Community Foundation of Greater Flint’s response to  the water crisis. 

Emergency Response – Nepal: 

On April 25, 2015, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake ripped through Nepal, killing thousands, collapsing buildings and destroying historic landmarks. The powerful quake was the strongest to hit the Southeast Asian nation in more than 80 years.

ROL immediately supported Mercy Corps’ emergency response effort in Nepal. In the 30 days following the earthquake in Nepal, Mercy Corps reached more than 43,000 earthquake victims with lifesaving supplies like food, water, blankets and sanitation items.

Detroit: Updates


  • Downtown Youth Boxing Gym: The gym’s athletes continue to thrive. The gym held several enrichment sessions for the kids, including computer coding, 3D printing and culinary classes. DBG has exciting summer activities planned for the students. Read more here. 
  • Detroit Achievement Academy: Kyle Smitley opened the academy with the hopes of improving the quality of education in the city of Detroit. Two years later, its students are performing in the 99th percentile. Read more here

  • Empowerment Plan: Empowerment plan continues to grow and expand. Last week, coats were shipped to New Jersey, Illinois, Oregon, California, and 10 coats were shipped across the globe all the way to Australia! Read more here.


Raising Malawi

In May, Raising Malawi visited Malawi to monitor progress of the pediatric surgery and intensive care unit. When completed, the unit will double the number of surgeries performed on children each year and will provide intensive care services for patients requiring critical care. Support the effort here.  


The Afghan Institute of Learning

In April, AIL Clinics treated nearly 20,000 patients, provided health education to 12,000 people and delivered 12 healthy babies! Dr. Sakeena Yacoobi’s Radio Meraj is broadcasting 16 hours daily of diverse programming. AIL’s new legal aid clinic is providing free council to low-income women about social justice issues, including property inheritance, rejecting child marriage, and business ventures
Read more here.

Palestine Free Trade Association (PFTA): New micro-loans

PFTA provided micro-loans to 28 female entrepreneurs in Palestine to start businesses. The women’s projects included raising sheep, growing oregano for a popular spice mix, selling wedding supplies, and raising chickens. Nearly two years since the first round of women received microloans, all of the businesses are thriving. 26 of the women have started repaying their loans and those funds are being reinvested into loans for new borrowers; PFTA has already supported two new female entrepreneurs, using repaid funds.  Read more here.

buildOn: Construction update

Mali: The Principal and Head of Studies for the BuildOn, Mali school were appointed by the Ministry of Education. The pair arrived to Bla, hired a premiere team of teachers and worked with the Regional Assembly to purchase supplies. Currently, there are 75 students assigned to the school – 31% of which are girls. The school administration is focused on developing innovative ways to keep girls in secondary school and improve the community’s passing rates for the examination that allows students to enter into secondary school. 


Malawi: In the year since buildOn built ten new schools, enrollment has increased by 33% (total of 5,900 students) and 52% of students are female. 7 of the 10 schools are hosting adult literacy classes and 74% of the participants are women. Read more here.

Anera: Supplies Delivered to Women in Gaza

With ROL’s support, ANERA delivered essential supplies to 1,500 women who have been displaced from their homes by the conflict in the Gaza Strip. One beneficiary, Awatef, said, “We evacuated immediately and didn’t think about what to take with us. Once we were in a shelter, I realized that I didn't have any personal items for myself and I was embarrassed to ask for them. We don’t have the money to go and buy the things we need, so the kits from ANERA came as a welcome surprise for us.” Read more about the organization here.