Shining Hope for Communities, Kenya - December 2017 Update

SHOFCO’s very first class of 8th grade girls will graduate this week – a major accomplishment for the school. Since it first opened, SHOFCO has served these kids, their families, and their communities.

In the first year of ROL’s support for SHOFCO’s gender-based violence program, ROL helped SHOFCO: 

  • Educate 20,000 individuals in Kibera about gender-based violence – through door to door education. This has resulted in a 12% increase in cases of violence reported.
  • Distribute more than 19,000 contraceptives. 
  • Educate more than 1,300 young people about reproductive health. 
  • Receive and assist with an average of 49 gender-based violence cases per month. SHOFCO helped these women through referrals to its the health clinic, mental health counseling, legal services, and economic empowerment training.