Ray of Light 2018 Impact

In 2018, Ray of Light continued its work promoting education equalty, peace, women’s empowerment and social justice globally. Highlights include:

DETROIT: Supporting purchase & renovation of school building for new Detroit Prep Academy, a sister school to Detroit Achievement Academy. Detroit Prep Impact:

  • 140 students served

  • Most diverse student body in Detroit

  • Study body excelling academically (94th percentile for reading and 95th percentile for math)


Supporting health, literacy, legal services & leadership education which:

  • 133,824 patients treated in health clinics

  • 335 women taught in mobile literacy classes

  • 95,542 patients reached with health education


Helping to close $185M deficit following Trump Administration funding cuts to UNRWA programs for Palestinian refugees by funding 16 teachers’ salaries at a middle school and an elementary school in Gaza Strip

  • 2,625 refugee girls served

  • Students come from communities affected by increased violence recent months