The Afghan Institute of Learning (AIL) helps address the crisis of poor access to education and health services for the people of Afghanistan, especially women and children. Founded in 1995 by visionary leader Dr. Sakena Yacoobi and run by Afghan women, AIL’s programs include pre-school through university education teacher training, health education and health care services leadership training, and peace building. AIL’s goals are to lay a foundation for quality education and good health for years to come and to provide comprehensive education and health services to Afghan women and children, so that they can support and care for themselves.

"Education is the key to improving women's lives. Educating a girl, transforms her life and the life of her family, changing a community and through that you change a nation for the better. Health education is what creates sustainable improvement in the health of communities."

-- Dr. Sakena Yacoobi

Madonna’s Support

Ray of Light supports AIL’s projects in the areas of reproductive health, mobile literacy, peace and human rights, and leadership. Since 2015, ROL has also supported Dr. Yacoobi’s private radio station, Radio Meraj, which reaches hundreds of thousands of people with messages about health and education.